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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Green Generation’s new blog! We are a registered non-profit that engages primarily in environmental advocacy in the community and organizing environmental preservation events. We are composed of dedicated teens from all around the greater Houston area who are passionate about protecting our planet, seeing as we only have one.

Through these blog posts, we are hoping to further educate and motivate you to become aware of the many environmental crises of today. Each crisis may seem bleak, but many of the threats facing our planet can be mitigated if we each do our part and alter our lifestyles. Through our blog posts we will share with you changes that our members have made in their lives to live in a more eco-friendly way. We hope that you will not only make the effort to change your habits to help preserve our gorgeous Earth, but also share what you’ve learned with others! This change starts with you. Although you may think that you alone can hardly make any difference, you are someone with a voice who can motivate those around you to make the same changes you are making. In order to be successful, it is important to believe in the impact you can have on others. As of right now, our planet’s future is being threatened by alarming pollution of our oceans, land, and air, rapid destruction of natural habitats, and major human wastefulness. We can have an impact on each of these crises the moment we take action and start protecting our planet, our home, and the home of future generations!

Together we can succeed in ensuring that our Earth is here for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.

Stay tuned!


Green Generation